GCPS offers tailored services for strengthening an organisation's internal child protection measures as well as improving child protection programming interventions in both development and emergency contexts.

GCPS offers a team that can best respond to your needs and is familiar with the issues and contexts in which you operate. GCPS consultants all have a background in child protection, and their specialist skills and different experiences are brought to bear on each piece of work, supported by the GCPS management team.

GCPS provides the following services:

Strengthening organisational safeguarding measures

These services range from the development and implementation of child protection policies and procedures to specific expertise on investigating child protection concerns and providing counselling and support to individuals affected by child protection incidents.

Design, delivery and review of child protection programming

GCPS adopts a specific child protection framework for researching, monitoring and evaluating organisations’ child protection programming interventions. This framework incorporates the principles of the UN CRC along with key elements of a child protection system. GCPS adapts the framework as appropriate to your own programme approach, and the contexts in which it is being used, to position the design and delivery of child protection programming.

Training and mentoring

GCPS supports the development of training strategies and the delivery of training through workshops, mentoring and e-learning initiatives.

For all services, GCPS ensures both external and internal quality control, including team and client evaluation.


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