In our latest customer satisfaction survey, 100% of previous clients said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with GCPS in relation to:

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Professionalism of GCPS consultants 

Flexibility and responsiveness to clients' needs 

Overall quality of the work and the final product 

Value for money 

The following testimonials are taken from training evaluations and from communications with agencies that have used GCPS consultancy services:


"A huge help in putting together our organisational strategy for child protection and thinking through the implementation process. Also ran a workshop for global managers that was instrumental in ensuring buy-in of key stakeholders"

"Carried out a child protection assessment of an organisation we were looking to award a large grant to. Did a really thorough and professional job going well beyond the consultancy brief to deliver a very impressive and helpful report"

"Helped to make child protection understandable and relevant for our organisation and took away many of the anxieties of senior managers"

"A great source of knowledge, ideas and expertise in developing our corporate child protection policy"

"Supported us in developing our child protection policy and our understanding of this area in general - very professional and also good fun to work with!"


"I really enjoyed the workshop - it empowered me as a staff member and an individual"

"The workshop brought child protection into the realm of practice rather than more theory"

"The workshop was practical and stuck to field experiences. It gave us tools to work with staff, partners and communities"

"The workshop was very informative in that the issues discussed were practical and the most likely to be faced by all programmes within the region"

"Thanks for your ability to impart what you know yet in a very gentle and down-to-earth manner"

"Thanks for your humour, hard work and expertise!"

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