Recent work

Strengthening CP systems:

UNICEF - supported a 15-month project in partnership with UNICEF in Nigeria and KCS to strengthen the capacities of child protection networks (CPNs) in 22 of Nigeria’s 36 states. A major component of the project has been the development of case management training manuals and materials to help CPNs respond more effectively to child abuse cases

GHRconducted evaluation of multi-country project focused on Children Without Parental Care - assessed effectiveness of overall initiative and provided recommendations to this private foundation regarding future strategy, including increased focus at global level on child protection systems strengthening

Plan – carried out thematic evaluation of Plan's global child protection programme. Reviewed work in nine countries across four regions, recommending programming improvements as well as providing basis for global strategy focused on CP systems

Oak Foundation Child Abuse Programme – conducted a 5-year review of this major funding portfolio, evaluating programmes funded by Oak in four countries and thematic areas. The review exercise contributed to the development of Oak’s Child Abuse Programme strategy for the next 5-year period up to 2015, a strategy development process also supported by GCPS.

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership – GCPS conducted field research in three countries designed to assess the effectiveness of organizational measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian response via beneficiary-based consultations. The research was published and launched in Geneva.

Groupe Developpment – end of grant period evaluation (after 6 years of funding) of major EU-funded anti-trafficking programme in India, focusing on prevention and response measures in two states in South India

Plan – global research into the situation of street involved children and evaluation of Plan’s work in this area to support increased effectiveness of Plan in policy and programming, including advocacy focused on the Annual Day on the Rights of the Child in Geneva 2011. GCPS conducted field research in four countries across Plan regions, reviewed legal frameworks and documentation relating to street involved children globally.

British Council - supported development of interagency guidelines for child protection in Belarus

Supporting donors: 

AusAID - reviewed implementation of its  child protection policy 

Irish Aid - supported development of a children protection policy

Oak Foundation - developed child safeguarding policy and procedures

DFID/Nike Foundation - developed child safeguarding policy and procedures and safe programming toolkit for 'Girl Hub'

Human Dignity Foundation - developed child safeguarding policy and procedures


Save the Children International - conducted annual audits and follow up to assess the integrity and effectiveness of child safeguarding arrangements across the organisation

Plan – developed training manual and designed implementation guidelines following review of implementation standards for child safeguarding

KCS Coalition - GCPS was contracted to support a major training initiative across up to 20 countries in Africa. The project targeted HIV/AIDS organisations funded by USAID, assisting them to develop and implement child protection polices and associated safeguarding measures.

SOS Kinderdorf International - developed extensive policies and procedures in support of the agency's child protection policy and trained designated child safeguarding staff in their operation 

British Council - supported development of an e-induction package for staff and volunteers globally

Handicap International & Save the Children- child protection training for HI & Save staff and their implementing partners involved in a research project looking into the issues of sexual violence against disabled children

Tearfund - provided training for International HR staff on conducting child protection investigations

misean cara - reviewed implementation of child protection policy and associated safeguarding measures by a Catholic religious order working in Zambia, and delivered training to misean cara member agencies 

CAFOD - supported development and implementation of a comprehensive child safeguarding approach across UK and international work

SCIAF - supported development of child protection policy and trained staff

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